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Down East Walking Sticks has grown from Bochoff's Crafts, begun in 1996 by myself, Barrie Bochoff. I enjoy hiking and would usually pick up a stick when I traveled through the woods. On one such trip, I decided to keep the stick I had picked up and carved it to create a proper hiking staff. Many people stopped to inquire about that first hiking staff and to ask that I carve more and varied pieces; a business was begun. I personally select each piece of wood; carving and sanding every stick. I enjoy creating the pieces featured here. If you like what you see or if you have any ideas or suggestions, please send a note to barrie@downeastwalkingsticks.com.

We specialize in hand carved walking sticks. We are a value added producer, using wood discarded from other commercial operations. Located in Houlton, Maine, USA, and Somerville, New Brunswick, Canada, our saplings are recovered from forestry silviculture thinning operations, primarily from the lands of H J Crabbe and Sons lumber mill. We have access to about 150,000 acres of forest land under management. Our "Premium" woods, such as bird's eye maple, curly (tiger) maple, black cherry and oak are recovered from mill slabs (the sides of logs containing the bark when trees are sawed into boards), primarily from William F. Tompkins and Sons sawmill, and from the discards (shorts) of manufacturing plants.

We hand carve each piece using a variety of knives, files and rasps and hand finish using a range of sand papers, high quality stains (on some pieces) and "tung oil" to bring out the best features of the wood and to resist the elements.

All models are created in assorted heights and thickness' to suit any need. We will carve to order as required.